Saturday, 13 March 2010

Dominos show debut

Domino has done us proud today and we love her so much.
The day began with a veting in session at the Robin Hey Sports Centre in Wigan , a very early start, which after a problem with the sat nav we still managed to get there in time.
Domino behaved like a true pro even if she did seem a little reluctant to begin with but soon settled down and took it in her stride.
The show hall was very busy everyone pampering and preening a sight to see I can tell you.There were so many beautiful cats there and a sheer delight to be surrounded by people whom share our passion.
After an anxious wait we returned to the hall only to have to wait further for results.
Domino proudly gained a 2nd placing in the open class and a 2nd place in the self class. Considering the competion we are pleased with that so well done my baby,

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

All you need is magic

Finally I can see the clearing with a shimmer of light and hope.
For the last month I seem to have settled into a dark place and hibernated for the cold snap.
At last I can plan and have direction and purpose.
With a little help from my friendly pixie and giving myself a good talking to its time ,,
so watch me fly.