Sunday, 19 June 2011

Rosettes galore

Our road to Champion status is gathering pace..
The Whiskery name will hopefully produce some beautiful babies.
We would like to thank Sheila Beevers the opportunity to breed and show with a quality Chocolate shorthaired ,
Sienna did us proud at The Lakeland Show and gained her third cc making here a champion.
Now we just need to get Hudson his cc and then we are flying x

Kenyon Farm Strawberries!!

It was a wonderful day for strawberry picking , Warren took the children to Kenyon Farm to pick and choose their own. The children had a great time and came home with 3 large punnets full of big beautiful now the recipe hunt begins as to what to do with them all.
Felicity had to sample a few to make sure they were just right and by the look in her face they were ..mmmmmmmmmmmmm
Ruby had a punnet nearly as big as her but Im sure she will have a good go at eating her way through each and every one.
What a wonderful way to spend fathers day..Thanks Dad.