Wednesday, 26 October 2011


As you can see a busy week so far with a very messy desk .
I do have lovely new stash but not had a freat opportunity to be creative.

I bought this week the magazine Simply Homemade as it had the beautiful free stamps you can see tothe left.All lovely christmasy type swirls and greetings so I couldnt resisit and why should a lady have to right?
Also I bought a lovely Christmas kit from hobby craftfrom MY MINDS EYE.
Lovely glittered papers and embelishments .

Because it would have been rude not to I also picked up a new butterfliy punch
inspired after watching a utube upload from Shimelle whoe class Im following at the moment
all be it not to sucessfully.(link in side bar)
Oh yes and the pretty christmassy ribbons you can see.

Cupcakes featured on my agenda this week as an afternoon treat for my work colleague who had been away and I wanted to show how much we had missed her in the office..
You have to have afternoon tea

Finally Id like to introduce you to our new baby
Cream British shorthaired kitten
AKA Sookie.

Well busy week and busy day so gotta rush .
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Thanks for stopping by have a great week.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Well quite a busy week so far, I had a craft class monday night
and a hospital visit to my dear friend Dora lastnight , so I was #in deperater need of some light relief. I manages to create a mess though even in one night!!
The layout you can see was my page made from promt one in
Shimelles Pretty Paper Party
I has a really lovely relaxing time creating it just befpore bed.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to capture this shot (not the one I wanted but the lights changed)
as I was driving to work . A beautiful rainbow to start the day..

The super pic below I caught as I was playing with my new phone
a samsung Galaxy s11, fantastic 8 mega pixel camera , fab!!!

I'm hanging on to the last few days of summer as soon the night will be dark
when I get home..
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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Shimelles sketch of the week xx

This week I was all set to take part in Sketch of the week,a promt by the wonderful Shimelle.
As you can see above is the sketch and below my version of it.
I knew exactly which picture I wanted to use,
The pics are my daughter and a friend who she made on holiday in Turkey.She turned out to be a wonderful influence as all the time they spent in the pool together paid off as Felicity came home swimming like a fish!!

Thanks Shimelle for the inspiration. Bit of a true scraplift .....


Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Well what a busy week Im having, it feels like a non stop roller coaster
especially as my colleague is going to Saudi Arabia tomorrow leaving
to man the fort as they say...!!!!!
In the world of craft and cats its as busy as ever.
We had a lovely weekend with my gorgeous daughter and the beautiful kittens
sired by our champion cream british shorthaired boy..
they were all to scrummy for words.(if you scroll down you'll see them..).
Sadly on another note we came home from Norwich to find our pregnant Siamese had miscarried her kittens so sadly she has been neutered now but shes doing fine and shes all that matters so Willow is truely being a pampered princess at the moment.
Craftwise Ive been working on a few things as you can see.
I had a last minute burst of inspiration last night late on and created the layout you can see of me and my daughter in turkey this year.
Its something the wonderful Shimelle put me on to called Take One, more to follow in a later post.
The photograph you can see of the baby, bottom left is my youngest daughter who proclaimed as we were leaving for school this morning (late as usual) that she needed to take a baby picture in so I took the opportunity to print 2 so I can scrap one later.
The rest as you can see is clearly clutter!!
Sometime I amaze myself at how little space I need to craft in.

This is the layout a little closer. I have a thing for doodling and white space I think at the moment?
Seems I'm doing similar things a lot, need a shake up maybe.
Well off to see what you are all up to ..
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Thanks for stopping by and thanks Julia for hosting .

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Pretty Paper Party

Im so excited and can't wait for a new class to begin. Shimelle is a great source of inspiration so I will be getting all my lovely patterned and pretty paper ready to follow along. Check out the side bar to join in .

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Weekend Mayhem

What a wonderful weekend we have had staying with our daughter and visiting the new fur babies,
The kittens are all British Shorthaired with two variants , which means two fluffy's instead of shorthaired, its all in the genes!!

The kittens are lilac and cream in colour.Apart from one male which is Blue self I think.
It was so lovely to spend time in the kittens company, Id forgotten how much fun they can be. Lavender has become a wonderful mother and produced quality kittens which Im sure will make lovely pets and companions for someone.

Here's the lovely little blue variant boy , smacking his chops following a hearty dinner... sooooo scrumptious could snuggle them all day...

Should anyone be interested in purchasing a kitten from this litter feel free to email me.

The other love of my life Xfactor was interesting I'm all ready for putting my money on Craig Colton... who did a remarkable job of Christina Perri's Jar of hearts..

So can't wait to see what is going to happen on the show this evening , its my guilty pleasure every saturday and sunday ... let the games begin Im all out for Craig !!
You heard it here first xxxx

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Well typically my desk is a complete mess as usual.
Today I have been rushing around as a very dear scrapbooking friend has been taken intohospital following a heart attack so I am late posting this as I have just returned fro the hospital.
The lighting isnt the best in this pic as its taken with flash in a small room at night so apologies.

This week I have been working on some beautiful new stamps for my christmas cards.
A collection of images from Sugar Nellie and Lily of the Valley.
Spent ages practicing my 'COLOURING IN' as the girls call it.!!

Fresh new stamps landed on the door mat today too from the fabulous Tim Holtz.
Im really looking forward to playing with these beauties.

Shimelles starting point layout for this week resulted in this layout, it came together very quickly with some recent pics of the girls at the airport waiting to go to turkey.

Sorry not a very exciting post this week but wanted to update.
Enjoy and thanks for stopping by.
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