Friday, 19 December 2008

Shoppin Spree
Today Im venturing off to the Trafford Centre in search of those last ever so important prezzies... Hoping not to spent too much or spend tooo much time there is nothing worse than the hustle and bustle that is christmas shopping....wish me luck.x

Monday, 15 December 2008

December ramblings.....
Following a short stay in hospital I am finally able to try and catch up with the festivities..
Decorations are up and looking beautiful.... Kittens settling nicely although we have sadly lost two but the remaining 7 look great.
Christmas presents slowing begining to spill out from under the tree and the children are on the party run at school..
Just enough time to try and make a couple of christmas cards,wrap some presents and recover quietly at home....not too hectic then?

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Kitten Delivery

We have had a delivery of beautiful kittens ....Wednesday the 3rd 2008... 9 beautiful babies.
Sadly we lost a precious little one earlier today I guess with 9 tiny mouths to feed its survival of the fittest.. we are all terribly sad and trying very hard to protect and nurture the remaining 8... all are perfect little siamese babies so watch this space as Im sure they'll' be bundles of mischief.
Day Six
Christmas past and present..... my memories are very few from being a child, mostly that we were always at home and never had visitors? Dad spent Christmas in the pub and still does ... a family tradition I'm glad to say I don't share.I cherish my Christmas with my family and the day is theirs to enjoy.. I'm so looking forward to this Christmas as we have no visitors and a day at home with just our children... a day to spend in pjs and pink champagne... wondrous...xxxx

Day Five
Counting down and family traditions .... Our family always put up the tree and decorations on the first weekend in December..This weekend thats exactly what we have been doing... a lovely real tree and lots of journal reads..'our family traditions include always putting the decorations up the first weekend in December.. I put the tree up and wow betide anyone who tries to help it's my job... and mine alone ... the children have their tree to decorate... this is MINE...!!'

Day Four
Finally I'm all caught four is about our idea of perfection... my perfect christmas is with family.Last year we were lucky t have all the children and both fathers from wales and south africa, my idea of a wonderful christmas. This year I am dreaming of a quite peaceful family christmas...

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Day Three
Well today I turned my attentions to Christmas Cards and the fact that I am so unprepared in this department. Normally I would make my own but time is running out...I have a recovery period coming up following my surgery so maybe then will be more fruitful in the cards dept...The added pressure of friends and loved ones expecting handmade cards...after all I am a crafter, just makes it more important to crack on...I feel a production line coming on. xxx

New Mummy

My beautiful princess siamese Willow has safely delivered 9 beautiful kittens this evening.. We are all very proud and overwhelmed by how well she's doing. Keep watching for updates and cutie pie pics of the little babies. Info can also be found on our site.. see liks Siamese cats of distinction. xxxx well done princess.xx

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Journal Day two
Oh the weather outside is much so I'm not in work..Snow stops play as they say..Its awful to think the slightest change in weather has such dramatic effects on our daily lives...Ive enjoyed my day crafting quietly and reflecting on christmas past...2004 to be precise when on christmas night we had a little floury of snow.. just enough to remind us of the magic of Christmas.

Glorious Snow
What a wonderful image greeted us this morning.. a beautiful blanket of snow.The children were thrilled at the prospect of snowball fights and snowmen in the garden, it recently occurred to me how few snowy pictures I have of the children in the snow.I think we get a bad press in England as people who don't live here think it snows all the time..when actually we receive very little snow fall.
So camera in hand and wellies at the ready we headed into the front garden for an impromptu picture shoot.

Monday, 1 December 2008

Journal Day one..

My head is filled with lots of creative ideas and a rosy glow slowly warming me to the upcoming festivities ..I can hardly wait to revisit the lovely childish feelings and cosy family times to come. xxxxI am truly blessed.*
December the first.... and so the journal begins....
Journal my Christmas because..?? I want to find time in my hectic life to do something I love just for me...
To try to make sense of this festive time and teach my children to appreciate what it really means by re-visiting my own beliefs and values around this wondrous season.
To think more deeply about how it all makes me feel and remember Christmas past and dreams for Christmas's to come.
But most of all to document and savor my wonderful family memories... I can't wait to begin......oh, it seems I

Hurray we are in December... where did the year go.....

Sunday, 30 November 2008

What a fun time we had in the park the other week. Autumn is a wonderful time of year and so much for the girls to see and learn. They are my fun and inspiration.xx
Im so excited tomorrow is the first of December and my Shimelle class starts.
My album is ready and waiting to go...Basicgrey wassail papers at the ready... let the month begin!!x

Journal you christmas

Mummy in Waiting

Our beautiful lilac girl is due to deliver a lovely litter of chocolate and lilac kitten this week and we are very excited....She doing very well and is very tired , hopefully not to long now.xx See link to Siamese Cats of Distinction for updates and kitten enquiries.x