Friday, 27 November 2009



Time to keep my promises...

Id promised myself time to do a little project of my own for the kitchen. We live in a new build home and unfortunately I feel the kitchen lacks a soul. As I love to cook and as a busy mum (understatement of the week) I spend a lot of time in there so my venture and challenge was to try to make the place feel more homely. I had an idea for a patchwork piece to reflect the love in the house (sometimes when the children are not fighting) plus I wanted a country feel.
The wooden piece embelishment was from a local garden centre and the patchwork cat was saved from a redundant pair of my daughters jeans..(those cats just get everywhere.)
I had great fun playing with the sewing machine , seamstress I am not so this was a challenge but I pleased with the results and it looks lovely in the kitchen just the look I want
ed. xxx.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

New Obsession....

I can feel a new obsession coming on....After seeing New Moon Movie last night , the second in the Twilight series, I have just had to buy the dvd of the first movie and the three books in the saga... I am aware there is a fourth book but will refrain from more compulsive buying.
I can really recommend either the boooks or the movie and can't wait to read the next in the saga , Eclipse.... I can feel a layout coming on to support my new found love of reading, as I cant remember the last time I read a 'grown up book'.
Well if all goes quite on the blogging front you'll all know why. Maybe being off sick has its plus's!!

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

New Moon ....Ohhh my god!!!

Just got back from seeing the next episode in the Twilight Saga and wow what a fantastic Film, have got to get the books to read now.
Some sections of the movie are a little corney but hey the special effects and on screen chemistry make up for that.
Seriously a must see movie .....enjoy xxx

Friday, 20 November 2009

Poorly Puss

Today my heart is aching as my newest feline addition is poorly sick. After several visits this week to the vet she has an upper respiritory tract infection.Her weezy chest and sad little cough is so horrid to hear and at only 19weeks a lot for our precious baby to contend with.
It seems I have a new shadow as all she wants to do is cuddle and sleep which is perfectly fine by me.
Earlier in the week we had a lovely santa photo shootand I think everyone will admit how super cute she looks.
As we speak I have a blue furry baby lay full stretch across my desk assisting kindly with this post by flicking the mouse along the top.......with a gentle purring voice expressing her contentness.
Get well very soon angel....we all love you. xxxxx

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Autumn gives way to winter....eventually

BEING AT HOME ISN'T ALL ITS CRACKED UP TO BE...Today was much the same as any other with bad weather ,dark mornings, rain , wind and nothing entertaining on day time telly..(even Jeremy Kyle isnt entertaining anymore). I found myself glaring our of the window watching the trees and the garden when a passing visitor, namely mr squirrel came to call. It instantly took me back to this time last year when I had a fun, wet and wild day in the park with the girls.
As I recall the day was miserable, very much like today, but a mummys promise is a promise after all.So wellies on and big coats we trudged off to feed the various creatures in the wilderness.
A very cheeky squirrel came up bold as brass to sample our wares, I couldn't believe how brazen he was, a big thrill for the girls though.
The ducks were a different matter.. from a distance they were cute but as we were surrounded Ruby was less impressed , luckily they weren't too fond of her high pitched scream either so hey ,, result.

The lovely if some what wet journey came to an abrupt hault after Ruby decided to wet her pants and fill her wellies....mmmmmm.squelch...... a quick retreat from the cafe back to the car to return home in no pants and wrapped in a random blanket from the boot...and a fun day was had by all!!!
So a year on..well no more wet pants thankfully Ruby has deffinately grown out of much the same and still I remind myself we need more fun days like that in the park. I've promised myself during my recouperation to make time to enjoy the simple (and free) trips with the children as these are memories made in heaven...............xx

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Grey all the way ...

What can I say ....its grey all the way and the weather man isn't offering any hope for change..not today at least.
Sitting here in the comfy warm listening to the gentle pitter patter of rain drops on the conservatory roof (more lite a million bullets but taking advantage of artistic lisence) makes my mind wander to the job in hand....WHERE TO TAKE DARLING HUBBY FOR HIS 40TH BIRTHDAY..? warm climate, romantic setting, all inclusive,delightful beaches , no kids....well you get the picture.
Im hoping he realises how god darn lucky he is , an all inclusive holiday with no expense spared..I believe my 40th passed in a blurr with minor celebrations and a few more wrinkles but hey ...I guess I get to go along this time to.The one thing about romantice holidays is , or any holiday I guess, is the planning firstly where to go....i will examine the possibilities before a rounded descision but one thing is for sure ...THERES NO PLACE LIKE HOME.

The start of something new

Today I made a vow to myself..... make time to think and reflect something I very rarely have the time to do in a very hectic life. Following Shimelles class (somewhat behind I know) and being home recoperating will give me a much needed outlet to share my creativity and mad rambling so heres to some interesting times ahead...