Sunday, 11 March 2012

So much to say

Our beautiful lady in waiting, Sieena.
Her tortie chocolate cream babies are due mid april and
we are so excited, if not a little nervous as this will
be her first chance to be a mummy but Im sure she will
do just fine.
If they are half as gorgeous as her and their
daddy they will be stunners.
Watch this space!!

Oh and just to mention
See my new sidebar!!
Im doing the Race for Life
22nd July 2012 @
Heaton Park Manchester
please bob along to sponsor
team FOXYS
by clicking the link.
Im running in support of
my mother who is currently
in remission from breast cancer.
Its all for a good cause so please
sponsor us.
Thank you .

Friday, 2 March 2012

Lost in so many ways!

Such a thought provoking image but so truely represents where Im at.
The blackness and despair is clear and the self protected pose , how true,
Again Im feeling lost in so many areas of my life and yet feeling guilty at the very thought
when clearly it appears I have it all right?
No................. wrong........
All I ever wanted was to feel happy and safe, loved and wanted, I want to be someones world just as they are to mine and not in a motherly way, that goes without saying, they are my very soul, my adourable angels all 6 (7) of them.
What right do I have to be sad or feel neglected when I am a wealthy woman in many senses of the word?
Creatively I find it harder to be inspired by anything other than these thoughtful images and yet there is so many thing to work upon.
I am blessedto have a job that I love , yet finding it difficult to focuss completely.
Hormonal? Perhaps...
Tired? Definately....
Sickening......sadly yes...
Happy sadly no,