Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Whats on your workbench wednesday 130.

Well what a busy week and what with the strikes today too.!!
Our Children's Centre is shut so I face a day of painting windows
and putting up decorations.
So to my desk , busy making suprises for a special someone..
(hope she doesnt see it)
Lots of lovely Harry Potter themed paper.
I'm attempting to re create a lovely project Ive seen
made by
Deborah M on Following the paper trail,
A lovely Harry Potter memory album and storage box.

I had a wonderful suprise visitor this weekend
as my daughter came home from uni to suprise her brother on his 21st birthday..
I love to watch the bond between them as they get older,
Hard to believe they use to fight like mad and hurt each other.
Robyn is a wonderful daughter and Micheal is growing into a handsome
young man , Love you guys.

This little cutie is looking for a new mummy
and I am terribly tempted.
These pretty babies have been bred from our champion
cream British shorthaired boy.
Anyone interested let me know there are 3 kitties for sale.

Well off to work for me even if there
are no sessions today ..
Hope on over to Julias blog to see what everyone else
is up to .
Sorry short and sweet but thanks for
stopping by.
Have a fab

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Welcome to another week where we can have a snoop,
oops look at what all our
crafty friends have been up to by joining in Julias desk hop., better known as
As you can see there has been a hive of excitement here at the Perham houshold.

I decided to use my yummy new christmas papers with this rather fun pic of my son
from last year. Post christmas dinner !!

Another very welcomed new addition was my Gorjuss
notebook, oooooo need to stroke it loads.. I just adore Gorjuss
girls and their wonderful images.

I feel the need to explain the christmas decorations.
We had an early christmas dinner this weekend because
Warren, my other lesser half's parents, are going travelling tomorrow
for 3 months so we decided to have an early christmas so they
dont feel left out.
I decorated the tree, Michael Buble Christmas cd playing,
(by the way you all need to buy coz its wonderful,)
and a hearty feast fit for a king..
Great fun was had by all so now I am the first in the avenue
to have their tree up but hey I love the holidays .!!!

Feel free to enjoy the desk snooping just follow Julias link .
Enjoy the ride and thanks for stopping by

Monday, 14 November 2011

Shimelles Sketch of the week . x

This weeks sketch from Shimelle was an absolute pleasure to do.
Such fun memories last week with the girls dressed up in their witches costumes .
I adore all my Halloween papers and seem to have collected quite a few,
another obsession I fear,,
Anyway hope you like what Ive done with the sketch and a truely inspirational
way to use the border papers as I always struggle with those.
Sorry about the pic quality but I wanted to do a post before bed and its not the greatest for photo taking.
Thanks for stopping by .
Happy hauntings

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Welcome to my very messy wednesday and a very quick post before
I have to rush off to the hospital for a appointment to see if Im going to be having back surgery or not?
As you can see the desk is all primed for a busy evening , one which I am really looking forward to.(Not been able to do a dot of funstuff in there all week ).

I have the start of a mini album there made from toilet tubes and ready with Halloween papers just begging for the fab pics of the kids this week.
A project started by Wild orchid crafts..

Again the wonderful wild orchid crafts (see my side bar for link)
sent me these wonderful pins and leaves all just whispering to me to be used, and used they will be!!!

Lovely halloween papers and a selection of flowers and STUFF all ready for tonight..
Let the funstuff begin !!! PLEASE !!!!

Just a quick few piccis from the Halloween event in the park this weekend , I have many more but hey,
First I thought my luck was in there with Johny Depp but sadly no ,
but near enough hey girls?

Wonderful animatronics and a very charismatic Halloween witch too,
Fab the kids loved it..

Can you spot which is my Pumpkin?????
Of course the one on the left?!!!

Finally I got a great new phone...with ace apps found this
OMG a scrapbookers dream takes pics in all styles olde effects fantastic..
Oh and the sleeping beauty was in my bed AGAIN !!!!

Hope you have a fab day and jump on over to the lovely
Julias blog to see what everone else is up to .
Wish me luck at the docs ...........