Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Welcome to my very messy wednesday and a very quick post before
I have to rush off to the hospital for a appointment to see if Im going to be having back surgery or not?
As you can see the desk is all primed for a busy evening , one which I am really looking forward to.(Not been able to do a dot of funstuff in there all week ).

I have the start of a mini album there made from toilet tubes and ready with Halloween papers just begging for the fab pics of the kids this week.
A project started by Wild orchid crafts..

Again the wonderful wild orchid crafts (see my side bar for link)
sent me these wonderful pins and leaves all just whispering to me to be used, and used they will be!!!

Lovely halloween papers and a selection of flowers and STUFF all ready for tonight..
Let the funstuff begin !!! PLEASE !!!!

Just a quick few piccis from the Halloween event in the park this weekend , I have many more but hey,
First I thought my luck was in there with Johny Depp but sadly no ,
but near enough hey girls?

Wonderful animatronics and a very charismatic Halloween witch too,
Fab the kids loved it..

Can you spot which is my Pumpkin?????
Of course the one on the left?!!!

Finally I got a great new phone...with ace apps found this
OMG a scrapbookers dream takes pics in all styles olde effects fantastic..
Oh and the sleeping beauty was in my bed AGAIN !!!!

Hope you have a fab day and jump on over to the lovely
Julias blog to see what everone else is up to .
Wish me luck at the docs ...........


Bridget Larsen said...

I think you missed halloween lol or are you getting ready for next year
Bridget #2

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

BRILLIANT and amazing pictures. That pirate was great!

Hugs, Sandra View my desk HERE!

Sarah said...

Love your post and pics - such fun to see and read! Hope all goes well and that it's the news you want!

Lisa-Jane said...

I'm not sure whether to say yes or no to the back surgery - yes to it making a positive difference but no to any kind of surgery and no to being in pain that's for sure! Looking forward to seeing that album completed - I've never yet made one that looked more than a child's mess!

Anonymous said...

Be careful rushing about if you might need back surgery!! Love all the new supplies on the desk and great Halloween photos.

Brenda 74

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Well, that was a kaleidoscope of a blog, from pirates to pumpkins!! But I couldn't drag my eyes away from the flower headed pins - I have pin envy!! They're gorgeous, I want some, I neeeeeeed some, lol!!
Hugs, LLJ xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Dear Gal, I really do wish you luck at the Docs - let us know, huh. Love your plans for Hallowe'en album, looks like a great time was had - and so impressive that you're ready to make the album already!

Elizabeth said...

Enjoyed reading your post and your desk doesn't look at all messy. Love the photo of 'Johnny Dep' ... looks as though you had fun at the event. Have a great week. Elizabeth x #59

Angelfish said...

Love that photo with her beautiful thick eyelashes:) Jonny Depp lives not far from me. I've never been lucky enough to see him, but my friend saw him in a local pub once!

Katie said...

I love the Halloween papers, they are fabulous!

I hope everything went well at the doctor.

Neet said...

We did one of those toilet roll inner books a while ago at Victoria Stampers. Didn't know we had another crafter so close (I am in Bolton) - love the pictures and all the razamataz in the park. If you are free one Saturday per month there's a few of us get together at Padgate. You can always email me via my side button.