Sunday, 26 September 2010

North West Cat Show

So the question is, is she chocolate or not!
What a day we had at the cat show yesterday.Our beautiful Columbia's debut was a bit of a disaster as the show judges could not agree on what colour she actually is...CHOCOLATE OR BLACK?
Looking at this picture I would say she is clearly chocolate , a dark shade granted but none the less chocolate... Four independent show judges disagree and refused to judge her.
So now to the gccf to decide.

Clearly our new beautiful boy wont have the same said about him as there can be no disputing he is indeed Cream..
We are happy to introduce Hudson Honcho the newest member of our feline family to the fold .

Sadly this week Domino lost all her 5 babies and was terribly ill herself with masitis and had to spend several da ys in hospital. She on the mend now and relaxing quietly and we hope that this wont be the end to her mothering role and that she will produce healthy beautiful blue babies in the future. Thank you to all the friends and breeders who have offered support this week I truely appreciate it.