Sunday, 25 September 2011

LOTV Challenge 113

This is my Christmas entry for the LOTV Challenge 113.
The theme was aqua ,white ,sparkly...

Flowers are from Wild Ochid Crafts.
Wired pearls from Country Baskets.

I have used the image Moonlight Wishes and coloured her using
my promarkers. Still getting this colouring thiing fugured out.
I've used stickles for extra sparkle.

For a final finishing touch Ive added a christmas tree.
Hope you like..

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Show success

Well what a day it turned out to be.
Hudson was on his best behaviour and wowed the judges to gain his 3rd
Challenge certificate which now means he has Champion status!!
We are thrilled to bits.

As an extra special thrill he was also nominated for best in show
but today was not his day for that, but to be nominated was a really buzz.

Just as an added bonus he came first in his side classes and his lovely
breeder mummy gave him a card to celebrate his win....

Having a laugh and taking it all in his stride..
We love you Hudson big well done.
meow ......!

Thursday, 22 September 2011


Here is the layout I made last might using the image I found on
google images yesterday.
(sorry to not be able to honour the creator as I couldn't find it.)
I guess this represents my mood at this moment in time.
I lost my father sadly 18 months ago and am still finding it very difficult to carry on my life without him. Its in times of change when I feel I need him most.I am currently off work following a fall and am having an epidural procedure carried out on my spine tomorrow. These are the days when I would turn to him for comfort.
I recently saw a medium who told me my father and my angel are with me constantly and I guess I should feel comfort from this.
Always in my thought dad, missing you terribly.

I used PDQ Regal Bissous Bzoo papers
Paper mania random gem stones
Wild Orchid Crafts flowers and lace
Thickers letters
Butterfly stamp Tim Holtz
Queen and Co Felt Fusion black felt swirls
Poem by Black Star.

This is a close up of the Felt Fusion swirl by Queen and Co, accented with some
flowers from Wild orchid crafts.

Some of the beautiful Papermania random gems.

A very heartfelt poem by Blackstar.
Take Care

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

How little it takes....

by BlackStar

Getting colder and colder
Feelings becoming less every time
Almost nothing to care about
Nothing to smile for

Losing every feeling that I have left
Meaning nothing anymore
I've been smiling
But at the inside I'm dying

Still always silent
Just keeping on smiling
And keeping silently dying


Well as you can see I have a tiny space to craft in which also doubles up as the family office.
Not the best but at least everything is close to hand.
The beast of a pc on my desk is the one we let the children use as my laptop
is out of bounds to downloads of boybands and images of peppa pig!!
As you also can see I'm not the tidiest crafter , this is
how I left it late last night following an inspirational moment to use my Once upon a time papers, always difficult but thought what the heck...

This is the result....
My cheeky chop 5 year old Ruby doing one of her many cheeky faces
at her daddies 40th birthday party in April.
I just used some of the Once Upon A Time accents
and the beaded swirls were just left overs cut to fit and adapted ..
My faithful Herma roller , everyone has a glue of choice , this is mine..

Whilst off sick I have been experimenting and
watching some tutorials on utube
and these fabric flowers were something I did yesterday
following along, not sure quite what to do with them
now but sure they will come in handy..

Aaahhhh my lovely Gorjuss girls note book for doodles and such.
Im currently doing Shimelles LSNED class so all my jottings are in there...
Hopefully next week my desk might be in some kind of order ,
but hey I very much doubt it..
Thanks for stopping by....

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The Art of sleeping in a box.

The Art of sleeping in a box

This is a How-to with lots of pictures to make it easy

Even small boxes will do at a pinch..

as well as this one..

Just remember to be creative...

or you can try and hide in an absolutely unexpected box..

Perhaps they will not even notice you,
chose a box that matches you fur colour to avoid unwanted attention..

Your humans will wonder how you can sleep like that..

ignore them and snooze away..

This position is for experienced yoga cats only...

Why not ask a friend to join you in your box?

If your box is rather small try sticking out just one paw like this front paw..

or this back paw...

Sometimes o positions do not fit terribly well..

but its fun with a friend..

If you totally trust your humans, relax your back legs to the maximum..

Use your imagination , try an L shape like this one..

or an inverted c shape...

Or an s shape like this...

Sometimes a bigger box might be needed..

If you are longhaired use the benefit of your long fur and tail for added comfort..

Use the lid of your box as a pillow maybe.?

Maybe to start with just try on your side...

or back...

Remember that you and your box musy nearly become one...

Just enjoy and be creative!!

Friday, 16 September 2011

Shimelle Scrapbooking Starting Points

This layout came together really easily as I already had the picture ready yo go.
I love to scrap pictures of my dad as he looks so happy in these last few pic I have of him.
Im still struggling with the ISO on the camera so the colour is a bit iffy.
Shimelles Scrapbook starting points.

Tinkerbell Jigsaw Book

This is a little jigsaw altered book I made last night using
The Tinkerbell Disney collection papers.

The pictures are all various ornaments which I have in my craft room which have been bought either by myself or as lovely gifts.

The images are so pretty and the coulours work well together.

I found some random ornaments to add to the collections of ribbons just for a little added interest.

Im really happy with how the whole thing turned out as Ive had this jigsaw album for ages and didnt really know what to do with it..

Dont know why I am so fasinated by Tinnkerbell but I guess ever since a little girl I always identified with her,maybe my cheeky mischievious side.

She is a total princess with attitude.

Well I hope you enjoy the final result as much as I do...

Just a final crafty question, whats the best thing to adhere the papers to the chipboard?
Seems that and the sanding was the most difficult part..
Anyway thanks for looking.

Love Tink.xx