Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Well as you can see I have a tiny space to craft in which also doubles up as the family office.
Not the best but at least everything is close to hand.
The beast of a pc on my desk is the one we let the children use as my laptop
is out of bounds to downloads of boybands and images of peppa pig!!
As you also can see I'm not the tidiest crafter , this is
how I left it late last night following an inspirational moment to use my Once upon a time papers, always difficult but thought what the heck...

This is the result....
My cheeky chop 5 year old Ruby doing one of her many cheeky faces
at her daddies 40th birthday party in April.
I just used some of the Once Upon A Time accents
and the beaded swirls were just left overs cut to fit and adapted ..
My faithful Herma roller , everyone has a glue of choice , this is mine..

Whilst off sick I have been experimenting and
watching some tutorials on utube
and these fabric flowers were something I did yesterday
following along, not sure quite what to do with them
now but sure they will come in handy..

Aaahhhh my lovely Gorjuss girls note book for doodles and such.
Im currently doing Shimelles LSNED class so all my jottings are in there...
Hopefully next week my desk might be in some kind of order ,
but hey I very much doubt it..
Thanks for stopping by....


Lisa-Jane said...

LOVE those swirls! What a gorgeous face she has. Those cat pictures made me howl with laughter!

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Ruby's LO made me laugh - that's a real cheeky grin! I like the way you've done her 'tiara', very clever. Even though I sew, I just wouldn't have the patience to create those lovely little flowers, they're very pretty :D xx

Fuchsia said...

Lovely work !

S said...

Lovely layout - pretty swirls and i love the little accents at the bottom right.

Tertia said...

Fantastic LO! Love that photo.
Happy belated WOYWW

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Cute layout- love the crown on your princess' head! I love making flowers and combining them up with gems to make brooches! Patsy from

MaggieC said...

That layout is lovely, and I cannot wait to see what you do with those fabric flowers.

Regina said...

Amazing pieces. I really love the fabric flowers. I love making them myself. They make wonderful pins to put on a cloth bag/purse. Or on a headband. So many uses!!