Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The Art of sleeping in a box.

The Art of sleeping in a box

This is a How-to with lots of pictures to make it easy

Even small boxes will do at a pinch..

as well as this one..

Just remember to be creative...

or you can try and hide in an absolutely unexpected box..

Perhaps they will not even notice you,
chose a box that matches you fur colour to avoid unwanted attention..

Your humans will wonder how you can sleep like that..

ignore them and snooze away..

This position is for experienced yoga cats only...

Why not ask a friend to join you in your box?

If your box is rather small try sticking out just one paw like this front paw..

or this back paw...

Sometimes o positions do not fit terribly well..

but its fun with a friend..

If you totally trust your humans, relax your back legs to the maximum..

Use your imagination , try an L shape like this one..

or an inverted c shape...

Or an s shape like this...

Sometimes a bigger box might be needed..

If you are longhaired use the benefit of your long fur and tail for added comfort..

Use the lid of your box as a pillow maybe.?

Maybe to start with just try on your side...

or back...

Remember that you and your box musy nearly become one...

Just enjoy and be creative!!

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