Wednesday, 14 September 2011

I am in love gotta get me this...!!!


Blessings of Life

In folklore it has been said that it is very difficult for fairies to have children and when it does

happen this is something celebrated far and wide. "Peace" so named because of her ability to bring
healing and peace of mind to others by her compassion and caring, has been so blessed
with the gift of a child. It is something she has always wanted in her life.
Surrounded by the soft pink glow of the sunrise and the
high mountians, she wraps her arms lovingly around hergrowing belly.
This is a moment of peace for this to be mother. For the blessings
she has been praying for have come true. She is grateful and excited!

This art is symbolic of the bountiful blessings from the universe. It is about wanting something
that you know you have worked toward and dedicated yourself to and loved.

Having faith in yourself
and believeing in your dreams. This is about reaching your goals and hearts desire.

It is a metaphor.

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