Thursday, 19 November 2009

Autumn gives way to winter....eventually

BEING AT HOME ISN'T ALL ITS CRACKED UP TO BE...Today was much the same as any other with bad weather ,dark mornings, rain , wind and nothing entertaining on day time telly..(even Jeremy Kyle isnt entertaining anymore). I found myself glaring our of the window watching the trees and the garden when a passing visitor, namely mr squirrel came to call. It instantly took me back to this time last year when I had a fun, wet and wild day in the park with the girls.
As I recall the day was miserable, very much like today, but a mummys promise is a promise after all.So wellies on and big coats we trudged off to feed the various creatures in the wilderness.
A very cheeky squirrel came up bold as brass to sample our wares, I couldn't believe how brazen he was, a big thrill for the girls though.
The ducks were a different matter.. from a distance they were cute but as we were surrounded Ruby was less impressed , luckily they weren't too fond of her high pitched scream either so hey ,, result.

The lovely if some what wet journey came to an abrupt hault after Ruby decided to wet her pants and fill her wellies....mmmmmm.squelch...... a quick retreat from the cafe back to the car to return home in no pants and wrapped in a random blanket from the boot...and a fun day was had by all!!!
So a year on..well no more wet pants thankfully Ruby has deffinately grown out of much the same and still I remind myself we need more fun days like that in the park. I've promised myself during my recouperation to make time to enjoy the simple (and free) trips with the children as these are memories made in heaven...............xx

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Anonymous said...

Hee-hee! Your post made me smile.. my boys also adore the park, whatever the weather - and it's always better than staying in getting stir-crazy ;o)

Love the photo of three pairs of boots!

SarahLP x