Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Grey all the way ...

What can I say ....its grey all the way and the weather man isn't offering any hope for change..not today at least.
Sitting here in the comfy warm listening to the gentle pitter patter of rain drops on the conservatory roof (more lite a million bullets but taking advantage of artistic lisence) makes my mind wander to the job in hand....WHERE TO TAKE DARLING HUBBY FOR HIS 40TH BIRTHDAY..? warm climate, romantic setting, all inclusive,delightful beaches , no kids....well you get the picture.
Im hoping he realises how god darn lucky he is , an all inclusive holiday with no expense spared..I believe my 40th passed in a blurr with minor celebrations and a few more wrinkles but hey ...I guess I get to go along this time to.The one thing about romantice holidays is , or any holiday I guess, is the planning firstly where to go....i will examine the possibilities before a rounded descision but one thing is for sure ...THERES NO PLACE LIKE HOME.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,

Love your photos in this post, really evocative! Your photos of your kittens (and your daughter!) are beautiful too. Six children, phew! I struggle with two..

Hope you find somewhere just perfect to take your lucky hubby for his 40th.

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog - and for including me in your blog list!!

SarahLP x

Cindy Jones said...

Maybe you should celebrate your DH's birthday in the warm climate of Florida! Love your photos!