Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Well what a busy week Im having, it feels like a non stop roller coaster
especially as my colleague is going to Saudi Arabia tomorrow leaving
to man the fort as they say...!!!!!
In the world of craft and cats its as busy as ever.
We had a lovely weekend with my gorgeous daughter and the beautiful kittens
sired by our champion cream british shorthaired boy..
they were all to scrummy for words.(if you scroll down you'll see them..).
Sadly on another note we came home from Norwich to find our pregnant Siamese had miscarried her kittens so sadly she has been neutered now but shes doing fine and shes all that matters so Willow is truely being a pampered princess at the moment.
Craftwise Ive been working on a few things as you can see.
I had a last minute burst of inspiration last night late on and created the layout you can see of me and my daughter in turkey this year.
Its something the wonderful Shimelle put me on to called Take One, more to follow in a later post.
The photograph you can see of the baby, bottom left is my youngest daughter who proclaimed as we were leaving for school this morning (late as usual) that she needed to take a baby picture in so I took the opportunity to print 2 so I can scrap one later.
The rest as you can see is clearly clutter!!
Sometime I amaze myself at how little space I need to craft in.

This is the layout a little closer. I have a thing for doodling and white space I think at the moment?
Seems I'm doing similar things a lot, need a shake up maybe.
Well off to see what you are all up to ..
Use the block in my side bar to have a look around.
Thanks for stopping by and thanks Julia for hosting .


Marjo said...

Great LO love the workspace! Thanks for the peek and sharing.

Hope you are having a great WOYWW.

xoxo Marjo

fairy thoughts said...

viva la clutter, we all love it , it's what we do. love the baby in the hands, cute.
thanks for sharing

Elizabeth said...

It seems that most crafters can work in a clear space no bigger than a baby wipe judging by what we see on WOYWW :) Love the photo of the baby on your desk and your layout is fab - like the Kraft base. Elizabeth x #53

PS: the kittens are adorable.

L00py's Craft Creations said...

now you see, I havent got enough room, as I have to make room for the Dane and the Rottie who sit here while I craft, well thats my excuse anyway. Love the kittens they are gorgeous