Sunday, 9 October 2011

Weekend Mayhem

What a wonderful weekend we have had staying with our daughter and visiting the new fur babies,
The kittens are all British Shorthaired with two variants , which means two fluffy's instead of shorthaired, its all in the genes!!

The kittens are lilac and cream in colour.Apart from one male which is Blue self I think.
It was so lovely to spend time in the kittens company, Id forgotten how much fun they can be. Lavender has become a wonderful mother and produced quality kittens which Im sure will make lovely pets and companions for someone.

Here's the lovely little blue variant boy , smacking his chops following a hearty dinner... sooooo scrumptious could snuggle them all day...

Should anyone be interested in purchasing a kitten from this litter feel free to email me.

The other love of my life Xfactor was interesting I'm all ready for putting my money on Craig Colton... who did a remarkable job of Christina Perri's Jar of hearts..

So can't wait to see what is going to happen on the show this evening , its my guilty pleasure every saturday and sunday ... let the games begin Im all out for Craig !!
You heard it here first xxxx

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