Friday, 6 August 2010

Lazy Daisy Birthing

Daisy Birthing®
Is this the right Birth Education for You?
If you like the idea of pregnancy yoga but worry you are not stretchy enough, if you are drawn to hypnosis for birth but want to remain mobile, if you love the idea of an active birth but have never squatted in your life we are the ideal pregnancy and birth preparation class for you!
If you want to feel confident and comfortable through your pregnancy and fit for birth both physically and emotionally, we are the ideal pregnancy and birth preparation class for you!
If you learn better by experiencing, ‘improve as you move’, we are the right class for you, coupling our birth education with wonderful active birthing and pregnancy movements!
If you are between 14 - 42 weeks pregnant, whatever your age, background or experience and love the idea of an environment where birth is celebrated, we are the right class for you!
What are we?
Daisy Birthing is a unique take on birth preparation. We have taken the bits we love best from a range of more conventional techniques such as Pregnancy Yoga, Traditional Active Birthing, Birth Breathing Education, Birth Hypnosis and Birth Education and combined these into a 1hr 20minute all embracing class which allows mums to learn as they move. Daisy Birthing is FEDANT approved and has helped more than 1500 mums to date (2010).
By delivering key birthing facts, alongside a range of gentle and carefully movements, we build muscle memory and help mums-to-be find intuitive techniques to help them enjoy a more comfortable birth experience.

Classes soon to be delivered in Salford,Walkden and Bury...Call for details ..0845 465 0925

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