Sunday, 6 May 2012

Weekend Ramblings

What a brillant start to the weekend a wonderful promarkers demo with Vix and
the ladies from Victoria stampers.
I have lots of promarkers and now finally feel I can move forward and experiment 
with the colours and feel confident of a good result.
Thanks Vix for the wonderful tutorial and good luck at your upcoming demo day.

Katty kitties weekend photo shoot aged 3 weeks.
Welcome Whiskery LAYA BINKS lilac cream me thinks?
Shes the biggest kitten of the five and a real cutie pie.

Next up another little lady
Chocolate tortie, little stunner.

 This little fella  affectionately known as 
Whiskery YODA SOLO
Chocolate male and all round snugglumpa.

Not quite all of the babies but this handsome guy is
Whiskery VADER (can you see the link?lol)
All very cute and gorgeous.

All these little kittens will be available for homing so if you are interested let me know.
They are from Champion pedigree parents and fab little British shorthaired examples of the breed so 
please ask if you are genuinely interested.

It seems I have the house to myself on this very rare Sunday bank holiday weekend.
All the children (and that includes dh) are at Chill factor snowboarding, check
me being sensible and staying warm and dry !!!
Oh well, I have a beautiful lamb dinner to prepare.

Have a wonderful bank holiday week end and thanks for stopping by.
Check out Vix blog shes amazing.
Bye for now 


Vixykins said...

Hi Sarah
I leave mine for a good half hour after printing on draft and that works for me or try a less smooth card stock x


sarahp said...

HIya Vix Ive used quite a course card stock and then I thought maybe Id not left it long enough but then after a few hours tried again and still the same? Gutted as was really excited to have a go... Have asked teressa at Crafts for any suggestions? This is a new full black epsom ink so might take a while before I can change it. Do you suggest just a tescos one or such like? Ive also ordered the diamond white card and requested a sample pack , mentioned you recomendation , you never know might get you a complimentary box. x

Vixykins said...

Hmmm I dont know hun as its usually down to the pigment content of the ink or surface of the card. Maybe I could print some out for you, email me vixykins at gmail dot com

The site you asked for is

I found it really enlightening as everything made sense lol!