Saturday, 12 December 2009

Lady in waiting...

Our beautiful lady in waiting is getting very fat!!!
Willow is positively blooming at the moment and oh so content, blissfully unaware of the hectic time about to begin. Last night whilst she was cuddled up on my knee, a rare peaceful moment, I could feel all the little movements of tiny kittens inside her belly, quite bizare to watch as her tummy jiggles and wiggles as she peacefully snores away. We are very excited and somewhat nervous as willow is a very efficient breeding queen producing massive litters of eight and nine at a time. Today however she looks positively glowing and happy, our graceful lady in waiting.xx

I couldn't resist taking this snapshot of my neighbours tree, its heavy branches fully of glistening red berries a pure feast for the feathered friends in the neighbourhood. The weather today is glorious but Im sure the locals wondered why I was scurrying around in pjs snapping shots of the trees?
I guess they all know Im the crazy cat lady in the corner with all the probably they weren't fazed..

In a more crafty moment I created this canvas for my brother-in-laws christmas prezzie this year. He has been asking me for ages to do something for his living room, its so very hard to think of something a typical bachelor my like but hey this is what I came up with. Im sure it would have been more useful to take the pic before wrapping it but hey ...
I covered the canvas with a heavy duty hesian type material and a smaller one with faux leather. The cricut was used to cut template letters which then were covered in several mediums, buttons,pennies, cardboard,stones and just left as card. I think the overall affect is good and hopefully he will be pleased with it. My craft buddy was and has already commisioned me to make her one....The word says unique.
Well Im away now to do some much needed tidying up...yukkky housework .... with a much needed latte...enjoy your weekend. x

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Anonymous said...

Wow, this looks fantastic Sarah! Wish I could see it without the wrapping! ;o)

Willow indeed looks serene and beautiful.. and what fabulous kittens she had! You're going to have a busy Christmas.. have lots of fun!

Sarah x