Monday, 9 April 2012

10 things on the tenth!

1, Ok so we have a very random list of things am grateful for
and have been doing to a list of things Im also looking forward to.
The above layout is very precious to me as it has taken me
8 years to do it.
This was the day me children met thier new sister for the first time.
Little Daneas face it a true treasure.Priceless as they say.
2, Oh so naughty my husband indulged my love of Baileys , not good for my diet, weight loss
currently at 3 stone so this will be eaten in very small quantities , probably a treat from working
hard at the gym !!!

3, My princess Sienna is due her babies on saturday and is very tired now and
we are very excited to see the little furbabies .
They will be british shorthaired chocolate torties very nice.....

4, Next is Chiang our Siamese , hes been poorly lately but I am glad
to say he is finally on the mend and looks well.
Hes a real character and we dont know what we would do without him.

5, Dare I say STEPS are my guilty pleasure and I am very much looking forward to going on the 26th April with my friend for her birthday.
Not before I have indulged this passion in the gay village Manchester this weekend with my daughter, who is home from uni.!!!!! yay !!!!!!
So excited and yes I know the steps,(pardon the pun ) and the words .!!!!lol.

6, My littlest child Ruby was very pleased with her chooccie stash and I was even more pleased with the scrapbooking opportunity although Ruby is known to strike a pose when the camera comes out !!!
7, Cake seems to have featured very highly this weekend .
I am trying to master this cupcake thing and have started using the Docrafts Bake site for inspiration. Do you think its working?

8, The girls were very creative this weekend and made an Easter Egg tree,
very nice.. the cats loved the pipe cleaners too !!!

9, this layout is dedicated to my daughters who have a very special bond as the eldest and youngest.
I am very excited as Robyn (eldest) is home on thursday for a visit from uni.
She is my best friend and I miss her deadfully so we will have great fun catching up
and she keeps my young taking me to clubs and pubs in Manchester,
its cool she thinks I dont show her up, guess I better keep the Steps moves under wraps.!!

10, All that remains is to say , this is me , 3 stone lighter
and wishing you all a Happy Easter season
and for those of you who gave up chocolate for lent....
ENJOY !!!!!!1
Tink x

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Beverly said...

Your cats are beautiful :) I think I spy my fav cadbury's caramel egg in your dd's stash! Very cute pic of you at the end.