Sunday, 8 April 2012

Whats new in the Perham household...wellll!!!!!

Happy Easter
I hope everyone is having a wonderful Easter Break
We have been very busy being creative and having fun.
The girl got set to making treats and fun things with
a little easter craft kit , and even made a wonderful
Easter Egg tree!!

Traditionally today the easter bunny made a suprise appearance
(very timely as he was trying to hide the eggs in the garden,
not too easy with little spies around.)
The girls quickly set to and managed to make a clean swoop
and have promised to share with their big sister and
brother when they get home.
As you can see Ruby was very pleased with her stash!

Felicity and Ruby had a fantastic weekend and I adore
watching them as they are growing up so fast it seems.
They have a love hate thing going on at the moment but Im
sure it will be short lived and they will grow to be extremely close.

So what else was their for me to do but bake !!!
Yummy Easter cupcakes.

All in all a lovely bank holiday weekend and with more
joys yrt to come.
Tomorrow we are going to venture a family bike ride in the park
which should be very entertaining for the poor rider behind me !!!
I havent riden a bike for such a long time so we will put the addage
to the test ...
its like riding a bike !!!!!
Heres hoping. !!

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